I love fall! It’s my favorite time of year and when the temperature drops below 80 degrees I enjoy walking the track at Lake Shore Park. Yesterday, as I approached one of the steep hills I saw an older woman sitting on a park bench catching her breath and enjoying the momentary cool breeze. We exchanged "Hello’s" and "Isn’t this breeze wonderful" as I continued to trudge up the hill. When I got to the end of the first lap, as is my habit I reversed the direction of my walk so as not to avoid going up that really steep hill at the other end of the trail.

When I reached the first park bench, the lady was sitting there, again resting after she had walked the next section of the track. I smiled and said, "I sure could use another one of those cool refreshing breezes." She smiled back and said, "I’m in my eighties, and I’ve learned to pace myself. You just have to know what stage of life you’re in and go accordingly. Don’t give up! Instead, adjust to where you are in life!"

She’s in her 80’s and walks two miles every day! How does she do it? She has learned how to pace herself. What wonderful advice! Not only for doing physical exercise, but for our spiritual lives as well! How are you doing in your spiritual walk? Are you a new Christian, taking baby steps – even if you’re in your 80’s? Are you working up to a triathlon utilizing prayer and fasting, meditation, and regular study of the scriptures? What stage of life are you in spiritually? Wherever you are in your walk with God, the Holy Spirit provides those cool refreshing breezes to encourage us along the way! Just don’t give up!


 Rev. Rhonda Hobbs