Prayer Pager




In November 2007, Trinity United Methodist Church began a new prayer ministry outreach.  This ministry began from a desire to help others establish and increase a deep personal relationship with Christ and to reach out to those hurting and needing the comforting hand of God.  The Prayer Pager is a means by which a concerned person can let someone in need know that they are praying for them.  When the individual dials the assigned phone number, they will enter a code to send a “prayer message.”  The person with the pager will then receive a page letting them know that they are being prayed for at that time.


How the Pagers Work:

Prayer pagers provide a tangible way to communicate God’s love to those experiencing difficult circumstances.  A pager is given to an individual who has a prayer need.  It is usually a person who has a friend or family member request a pager for that person.   A pager recipient will know they have been prayed for when their pager number is called.

As the Spirit of God prompts you, first PRAY for these individuals, and then CALL their prayer pager number.  Simply dial “111#(pound sign)” after the tone, and then hang up.  The recipient does not answer, and you will not have to talk, nor will the pager reveal the number where the call originates.  Your prayer will then be delivered to the person for whom you prayed.


The following lists the current pagers issued:

Kevin Luthenauer  (865) 597-0075

Pager information will be updated weekly here and also in the church bulletin and newsletter.



Anyone can join us in this ministry and become a “Prayer Pager Call Warrior.”  What a blessing it will be to experience the power of prayer in such a unique way!  Please join us in this ministry as we offer individual prayers to those in need.


If you have questions about how our Prayer Pager Ministry works or would like more information, please see Randy Hobbs , email or call the church office at 588-5763

If you would like to donate to this ministry to help provide more pagers for more people in need click here.

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