Alive After 35


Alive After 35 encourages us to take what we learn and put it into action in our church and our community. At this age we are in the “the midst” of families, events, work, activities, trips, retirement or pre-retirement. We are a loosely organized group of friendly and fun-loving folks who consider themselves in the ‘middle’ of life.


This fellowship group is still going with many different types of events. We no longer have an upper age range. We are now for 35-ish and up. We are up to around 100 members, 20 to which are very active. Please check out the website and consider joining. I would love to have familiar faces and fresh ideas. We are open to singles, couples, widows, divorced folks, and YOU. Jump over the hurdle called life and join.


This is a new small group that will create a support network through friendship and fellowship. The group will have one family friendly event and one adult’s only event each month. If you like dining out, attending plays and musicals, visiting local landmarks, having seasonal parties, and playing games, check out this group.


Another aspect of this group is that we offer a caring supportive community where individuals may grow in faith and friendship. We hope you will develop dynamic relationships with Christ and through Christ.


For more information please contact Tonya Jelf