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Rotation Sunday School is for kindergarten children through fifth graders. The children are immersed in the Bible with a rotational curriculum! The children alternate between fun learning stations each week. The children attend storytelling, music, cooking, art, and games during each five-week unit. The children meet on the stage at 9:45 each Sunday. Hope to see you there!


After the beginning of the 11am service and a short children’s message, the children can leave the sanctuary and go to children’s church where there will have their own activities and songsĀ for the remainder of the service.


The tiniest seed can produce such a big tree. These are our youngest musicians – ages 3 – 6. This is where the musical groundwork begins. We play games, learn music terms, and sing upbeat songs for His glory. We start to learn about the different musical notes and their rhythmic values.

Rehearsal: This group meets at 10:30 a.m. as a part of our Sunday School curriculum, in Room 11 in the Children’s Wing


Music in Motion is our children’s choir, and if you’ve ever been around elementary school age children, you will know from where this name came. Anyone from Kindergarten through 5th grade can sing in Music in Motion. We begin to add solo work and speaking parts at this point. Being a member of this group can boost self-confidence and develp public speaking skills. They learn to express their faith through songs and skits.

Rehearsal: Sunday 5:30 – 6:30 (September through May) in the Choir Room