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Donald Balcom, along with a team of other instructors, create youth programs that give young people an opportunity to EXPLORE the RELEVANCE of a personal relationship with God through Christ. We aim to provide an environment in which each youth has every opportunity to achieve success and experience spiritual fulfillment in their lives through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We want to instill in each youth a desire to question the world around them and seek answers to those questions through Christian learning (Bible study, prayer, worship, and mentors) and using their own critical thinking skills that the Lord has blessed them with. We feel that it is important to establish an atmosphere that is structured, organized, safe, and fun to facilitate an environment that is youth, parent, and mentor friendly.

Our goal is to have youth live out their daily lives trying to put Christ first in all that they do; striving to do their best to share their knowledge of God to others.  Standing strong for Christ is a life long journey with many rewards and sacrifices along the way. We want the youth to become disciples to make disciples for the transformation of the world.


 Programs & Events:

Sunday School classes:  Crossfire Youth Group – Middle & High School Students – (10-10:45 – Room 47 upstairs in the Gym)

This group engages in topical discussions and Bible Study to equip and guide them on their spiritual journeys investigating how Christ can make a difference in their lives.

The educators in this group us contemporary discussions, in-depth Bible Study, videos, and open-ended questions to creatively teach this group of young people how to live for Christ.

Right now the Youth are involved in a curriculum called The Story by Zondervan. The Story is a comprehensive overview of the Bible in chronological order. The Story uses short video clips and interactive curriculum that give the youth not only a good base knowledge of the scriptures, but also allows for discussion on more in depth study around the stories.


Wednesday Night Classes:  Middle School & High School meet at 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm in the Youth House (Foley House) to engage in conversation and take part in activities.

This is a more relaxing time where students express themselves and their goals and engage in general life discussions. Furthermore, this is a time for the youth to share in fellowship with one another. The Youth participate in team building activities, play outside and in the gym, and occasionally attending events in the surrounding area. Before programming begins, dinner is served from 5:30 pm-6:15 pm. This is a time to hang-out and visit with other members of our church family.

Mission Opportunities:  The Youth are actively involved in community mission projects. There is an annual mission trip in the summer and other mission opportunities throughout the year. The Youth help with Family Promise, Food Pantry, and work hand-in-hand with others to share the Light of Christ to those who need to know that God loves them.
 Monthly Activities:  Bowling, Jump Jam/Max Air, Putt-Putt, Go-carts, Corn Maze, Retreats, Lock-ins, Lock-outs, trips to local parks, parties, and more…
Yearly Events:
     Resurrection – A 3 day winter retreat held in Pigeon Forge, TN.  Youth from all over the conference come together to worship God with music, drama, games and a whole lot of fun.
Youth Sunday – In May, the youth lead the Bridge Worship service by ushering, singing, praying, reading scripture, and even giving the sermon. They do it all!!  Also Senior Graduates are honored at this time.
     Camp Wesley Woods – A week long event for middle & high school students. This camp builds new friendships and nurtures spiritual growth through music, drama, games, ropes and challenge courses, caving, archery,  swimming, repelling and other fun activities.

 Junior and Senior High Assembly– Is a summer event that lasts a week. Students are inspired through worship, music, games and unique classes to develop their relationship with God.

And much more…
You can get updates for the Youth by texting …
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