Rhonda Hobbs

Senior Pastor

Rev. Rhonda Hobbs


Congregational Care Pastor

Rev. Larry Carroll

Larry grew up in Baltimore, Maryland.  He received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from The University of Tennessee.  He worked for a private firm in Orlando, FL and TVA in Knoxville, TN.  He received a Master of Divinity degree from Emory University in Atlanta. 

He has been married to Brenda for 44 years (God bless her).  Larry has two children – Lauren, married to Dennis, Travis, married to Cassidy. He also has three grand-children, Meredith, 13, Olivia, 6 and Jordan 22 months.  He has served churches in the Holston conference for 42 years. 

I Like golf, working in the flower gardens, reading and laughter.


Music Director

Sheryl Howard

Sheryl has been a part of the Trinity team since 1999.

“One thing that I love about Trinity is the congregation loves music – they truly see the Divine Creator in music and understand its importance. They appreciate a variety of musical styles and so, that is why we try to glorify God in as many different musical ways as we can. We work hard to prepare the music. We believe in offering God our best work. Once we have prepared the music the best we know how, we offer it up to Him, the Divine Maestro. That’s when the real music is made – when the Holy Spirit anoints the music. Thanks be to God”